Issaquah Fitness Pilates Studio

Issaquah Fitness has a beautiful Pilates studio offering a variety of classes from the beginner client who is new to Pilates to the advanced student looking for a challenge, to those wanting to rehab past injuries and strengthen weak muscles. Each week we offer 15 Reformer classes as well as one Barrel Class focusing on the principles of Pilates.

Equipment in the studio includes a Studio Reformer, one standing tower unit, six Allegro Reformers, a Wunda Chair, jump boxes, barrels and other props designed to give you the ultimate core workout! Come check out the studio today and feel the core engaged, the spine realigned, and the body strengthened from the inside out!

What it takes to get into class

Anyone is welcome to take Pilates, but in order to join a Reformer class, a new client is required to take a minimum of three private sessions. During these sessions an instructor will work with the client one on one, getting to know their body movement, learning about their limitations and any injuries, teaching them about how the Reformer works, going over correct form, alignment and muscle use, and walking through a number of exercises to help prepare them to join a class. In order to join a class, a client must either be free of injury, or feel comfortable with modifications while in a larger group.

A lot of members find that a group setting is not the best learning environment for them; Pilates is a very self focused, high body awareness form of exercise and some clients find that they do better more one on one. For those clients, we offer private sessions that utilize all the Pilates equipment, including the Tower, Chair, and Studio Reformer.